Rockstar Websites & Mobile Apps for Start-Ups

At Website Jungle, we design interactive websites and mobile apps for startups that wow users and surpass industry standards. Most of our business analysts have advanced degrees including MBAs and are ‘Solutions Providers’. Our technologists use best-in-class technology to build web applications and mobile apps that are robust and focused on conversion through prominent calls to action. Whether you’re looking for website design or eCommerce development, our team will collaborate to build and maintain your customized solution.


Strategy and Consulting

  • We’re recognized for our ability to understand each company’s and project’s goal, collaborating to develop and manage large-scale and complex systems. Each User Interface design, website development, and mobile app development is a means for reaching our client’s overarching business goal
  • From writing business requirements to building wireframes and prototypes, every screen we design supports a single action that delivers real value to the user. This makes it easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to add to or build on when necessary
  • Our user interface design goal is making each user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals. This is typically referred to as user-centered design


Responsive Web and Mobile Design

  • Creating a responsive mobile and web design is an art in understanding visuals and user expectations across a myriad of screens and sizes. We were early adopters of this technique, and we continue to push its boundaries on every project we take on
  • Our designs provide everyone with easy access to basic content and functionality beginning with the smallest of devices, like a smartphone, and gradually enhancing that experience as users move up to larger devices that offer more advanced browser software, greater bandwidth, and more powerful processing
  • Our web pages are created using progressive enhancements that are, by their very nature, more accessible. This is because the strategy demands that basic content always be available and unobstructed by commonly unsupported or easily disabled scripting


Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • Our specialized marketing teams follow our proven process and strategy to increase conversion, repeat traffic, and online visibility
  • We can help you increase traffic with targeted search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising
  • Our specialists boost client engagement and enhance your image with credible online reputation management


Access to Digital Start-Up Ecosystems

  • We’re in the business of entrepreneurship and creativity, whether you need a prototype to present to investors or A/B product testing. Leverage our industry contacts and gain any add-on service your start-up might need
  • With traditionally limited resources at their disposal, start-ups benefit from our ability to prioritize technology needs based on industry best practices and years of experience
  • We’re experts in the industry, with a management team that regularly speaks at events on digital design and marketing topics

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